Photo of Brian Andrews

Who I am:

             I would like to introduce myself as a Home Inspector, for Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Iowa and surrounding areas, to consider, as you are most likely nearing, or have an accepted offer on a home.  

           A couple of reasons to consider “Peace of Mind – Home Inspections” are, I am very punctual,  a quote from my father,   “To be early, is to be on-time, - to be on time, is to be late”.  This advice has served me well, over the years, and now, I am starting to see it in my children.    I have a very professional personality, and I can communicate, on all levels of understanding, from the first time home-buyer, to the person, who has made several home purchases.

            I have over the last 10-12 years, conducted many “Home Inspections”   while buying houses to fix up, or rent.    Along the way, I found myself being asked to inspect homes for family members and friends.  In the process, I have developed a very good idea on items in a home to look for.  

Some of my qualifications, I have picked up over the years are as follow:  

           I graduated, with Honors, a “Home Inspections” course with Ashworth College.  I have worked for a few different management companies in the area, as a building Maintenance Technician.  I am Type I and II, certified to handle refrigerant.  I also, worked with a plumber- HVAC, for repairs and installations.   I have 5 years of experience as an “Electronics Technician” while serving in the Navy, during Desert Storm’.   These experiences, have provided me, with a wide range of “How things Work”.  And enable me to recognize properly functioning equipment, and potential safety concerns.       

            Peace of Mind – Home Inspections LLC is the name of my business, for a very good reason.  With the knowledge, and experience that I am bringing to each and every inspection, you as a home buyer can be at peace, knowing that your home, is a sound and safe structure.